We presently provide services in Southeast Texas. 

Free Diabetes Educational Classes -   Classes meet once per week for 6 weeks. Participants will learn how to control their diabetes and live a long healthy life.  There are so many rumors around about what a person should do to control their diabetes.  Come learn the right things to do in a classroom setting where you will be with others who want to learn how to control their diabetes and others who want to learns ways to prevent getting diabetes.  Our classes are taught by passionate educators who really interact well with the students and create a awesome learning atmosphere.  Call now for more information. 

Job Placements - We provide job searching and placements for consumers who have disabilities.  Who develop relationships with local businesses and provide them with quality employees.  Employers are eligible to receive Work Opportunity Tax Credits when they hire any of our employees.  Call for more information.

Supervised Visitations- We provide supervised visitations for families to visit with their children for court supervised visitations

Transportations- We provide transportation throughout the Golden Triangle and to the Houston Airports.

Job Coaching/Readiness/Placement - We conduct employment searches for consumers who need help in searching for employment by providing coaches who assess clients and help prepare them for job interviews, transportation issues, etc.  Once we help consumers get the job we continue working with them to help them while they transition into the work place.

Personal Social Adjustment Training - We conduct classes to help clients social skills to enable them to become more competitive in the job market.  Our classes help develop socially acceptable behaviors and help restore confidence in clients to help them achieve careers in the workforce.

Vocational/Work Adjustment - We offer a series of classes to help youth transition into the work force.  We offer Communication skills course, conflict Resolution, problem solving, Banking management, life skill courses, and a variety of other courses. 

Anger Management - We work with At-Risk youth to help them learn how to solve problems without violence and we help them develop dreams of success.

Parenting Classes - Today's youth say they don't listen to their parents because of three reasons:  Parents yell too much, They say the same thing over and over again, and they are to critical.  If you are a parent that falls into one of these categories give us a call to set up a class for you.  Youth go on to say that as a result, they learn to lie to their parents to just tell them what they want to hear.

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